Pet & House Sitting Services for fur parents and the
crazy, loverable dogs & cats in your life
 Whether you are already in Switzerland or moving to Switzerland you need pet care information.
Since 2001 we offer professional, caring cat & dog sitting services for the
international community in Switzerland.
We are dedicated to keeping your pets safe, happy and healthy. Our pet sitting services
allows your pets to enjoy all their creature comforts in their own home.
If your pet doesn't get on with other animals, is elderly, sick
(we specialize in medical needs, giving injections) or has never been vaccinated,
or you have a multi-pet household, live-in cat & dog sitting and drop-in visits is the ideal option.
Especially if you want the added security of someone staying in your house whilst you're away.
Experienced with rescue dogs & cats. 
We are family ! My cousin Petra, Monique and I, Aga 
always have been animal lovers. Growing up in the mountains we shared the family house with
a colourful menagerie of pets that formed the foundation of our deep connection to animals.
Pet photography is also one of Aga's greatest passion.
YOUR Pet Sitter Zurich is swiss, locally and family owned and operated. We are a powerful, friendly family team, respectful, careful, well mannered, honest, non smoking, very neat & tidy. Your home & privacy will be highly respected. Qualified, fully insured, licensed, clean driving record and background check, federal SKN certification.

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